Service, installation and maintenance

Easy to install

Installation is swift and easy with just a few simple steps. The slim GROHE Red Boiler sits neatly under the sink, keeping the worktops uncluttered.


  • Free space of 35 x 35 x 50 cm (D x W x H)
  • 230V power supply
  • Circuit with free additional power consumption of 2200W
  • Cold mains water supply

frequently asked questions

How much space do I need in the cabinet to install GROHE Red?

How many litres of boiling water can I get with the L-size boiler?

What is the water temperature out of a GROHE Red boiler?

Can the boiler also be used for the regular supply of warm water?

If all the water in the boiler has been used, how long does it take for the water to reach maximum temperature again?

What are the operating costs for GROHE Red?

Why do I need to install a filter with my GROHE Red?

How do I install the filter with GROHE Red?

What do I need to consider when installing GROHE Red?


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The answers to all your burning questions

Recipe Booklet

Download the exciting GROHE Red Recipe Booklet.

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