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瑞雨新一代 艾肯

瑞雨新一代 艾肯




Colour and fun for the bathroom. A creative variant of themultiple award-winning, ring-shaped GROHE Rainshower®Icon hand shower, this florally inspired collection makes itperfectly easy to conjure up a cheerful atmosphere in yourbathroom. With six fresh colour schemes to choose from, allpreferences are catered for and there is a suitable model toaccentuate any existing bathroom décor.

Whatever the floral arrangement, all Rainshower® FlowerCollection models will pamper the skin with the same softraindrops as all other Rainshower® variants benefiting fromGROHE DreamSpray® technology. They also share theGROHE StarLight® chrome finish, which means that theywill retain their sheen for many years.

Rainshower® Flower Collection – the perfect hand showersfor all those who want to add a little colour to their day.




瑞雨®炫彩系列 自然系列

瑞雨®炫彩系列 自然系列


Spray Patterns

Rain Spray


Jet Spray


Pure Spray


red dot design award
2014 red dot design award
Rainshower® Flower Collection
Design Plus
2011 Design Plus
iF Product Design Award
2011 iF Product Design Award
iF Product Design Award
2011 iF Product Design Award
Rainshower® Icon
interior innovation award
2011 interior innovation award
European Consumer Choice
2010 European Consumer Choice
D&AD Award
2010 D&AD Award
Good Design Japan
2010 Good Design Japan
2010 IDEA
Green Good Design
2010 Green Good Design
red dot design award
2009 red dot design award
best of the best

Rainshower System

Rainshower System